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15 Mar

Nuclear Power: How to Make It Renewable

In recent times, nuclear energy has been legally included with renewable energy sources. However, nuclear energy is still considered to be a power generation source that produces low amounts of carbon. The legal inclusion of nuclear power to renewable energy sources has stirred quite the debate. Most of the scientific and statutory definitions of renewable [...]

12 Mar

Hydroelectric Power: Beneficial and Detrimental Effects

Hydroelectric power is a renewable energy source; it’s harvested from pressure created by water. In most cases, a large dam is used to harvest this energy. There are several beneficial and detrimental effects of hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power can be beneficial because it’s renewable, reliable, green, flexible and safe. The fact that this power source [...]

08 Mar

Three Alternate Energy Sources for Cars

Cars have run on fossil fuels for such a long time that the idea of them running on anything else may seem foreign to most people. However, there are many new ways to power vehicles that use alternate sources of energy. Here is a look at three alternate energy sources that are either on the [...]

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